Strawberry Liqueur!

Qream is such a delicious treat when it comes to making tasteworthy mixed drinks! Available in strawberry or peach, this first-of-its-kind liqueur can be served on the rocks, chilled in a martini glass or deliciously baked into cupcakes, pastries and more. The choices are all delicious.The strawberry version’s taste is of ripe, sweet strawberry and fresh cream, followed  by light tropical notes, a silky texture and a touch of warmth from the  premium vodka, resulting in a clean full bodied finish, with a whisper  of vanilla. The peach flavor’s taste is creamy, with peachy sweet top-notes  balanced by exotic tropical fruit nectar, a silky cream texture and the  brightness of premium vodka spirit.

Strawberry Qream Recipe!

3 1/2oz.Strawberry Qream™ 1/2oz.

Godiva Chocolate Vodka cocoa powder (optional)

 1 Strawberry (optional)

Combine Strawberry Qream™ and vodka in an ice-filled shaker. Stir well. Strain into a cocoa powder-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with a strawberry slice (optional).

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