Starting a vintage trend

Sometimes I love the idea of a Charlotte (from Sex & The City) life: all serenity and tastefulness, where everything matches and looks polished. But a domestic landscape like that can also feel too cookie-cutter particularly when it comes to dinnerware. Plain white china, mass-produced bowls and department store glasses are fine for occasional dinners, but a noteworthy party calls for a new approach well, an old one, actually. Going vintage with your tableware lets you be as creative and personal with the table setting as you are with your food, and it can be a fairly inexpensive way to bring drop-dead chic to the party. But what you don’t invest in dollars, you need to invest in time and focus.Below is an image of a table spread that has a very vintage feel and approach. Using different colored glasses and fresh cut flowers allows for a warm and festive dinner!


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