Scrumptious Cake Pops!

 I was so excited when I heard Starbucks had added these little guys to their menu awhile back but sadly did not try one until recently. What I love is that they are kind of like mini cupcakes on a stick. Who wouldn’t be excited about that??

The cake pops come in three flavors, Birthday Cake, Rocky Road, and Tiramisu. They are about 200 calories each, which to me seems like a lot but then I noticed everything else was around 400 calories haha!

If you want to try one I would recommend Birthday Cake! It tastes very similar to confetti cake, which is by far my favorite type of cake and cupcake. Rocky Road tastes just like plain chocolate cake (disappointed). Tiramisu tastes like vanilla bean and not much else.

I was expecting the cake to lack moisture and taste very basic however to my surprise it was the complete opposite. The cake used inside these pops was moist, delicious and fresh!

Cost: $1.50 each, two for $2.50, or six for $7.50.

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