Sewing Skirts!

Well many of you many not know, but I received a great new sewing machine from Corey over Christmas! I really have only sewn some as a kid for my dolls and with my grandmother making small pillows by hand. Therefore, I had much to learn using this heavy duty machine. My good friend Alli got one from her boyfriend for her birthday over the holidays as well, and we can’t seem to stop sewing!

Alli holding the sewing box she got me!

After getting the hang of things, I have now begun making skirts! They are pretty basic featuring a stretch cord waist and fall right above the knees. I learned that they can be kind of straight or pretty full and pleated depending on how much fabric is used.

Simple skirt

Skirt Features more fullness and has many pleats.

I love the way they have turned out thus far but want to get better with hems and try alternating fabric. I went to watch Ellerie, my niece, the other day and had some left over fabric so I made her a little skirt as well!

The Infant/Toddler skirt

This skirt turned out to be so much easier and required less than half the fabric! I love adding the girly lace hem detail to it too. It looked so cute on Ellerie, and because it stretches she can wear it probably until she is 12 months old!

Ellerie, 4 months, wearing the skirt! How cute!

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